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Photographer Dad Transports Daughter To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Rich Johnson

Fathers often talk about going the distance for their kids. But few can top photographer Rich Johnson, who traveled all the way to a galaxy far, far away for his 3-year-old daughter Kylee.

After seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylee became obsessed with the scrap-collector turned Rebel badass Rey. And, seeing as the character encapsulated the type of strong female role models Johnson wanted his daughter to emulate (“No one in Star Wars holds back because she is ‘Just a girl’), he used his technical wizardry — as well as a half-priced Halloween costume and dusted-up BB8 droid —  to whisk Kylee away to Jakku (actually a beach near their hometown of Orlando) They had one hell of a daddy-daughter day — and Kylee was more than ready to unleash the Force. “I had no idea she would take the role so seriously,” says Johnson. “I would ask her to smile at the camera, and she would refuse! Why? Because ‘Rey wouldn’t do that.’” The Empire better watch out.