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Get Ready For Peppa Pig Rides at Legoland in 2022

Yes, there will be a "jumping in muddy puddles" ride.

Entertainment One

As a parent, Peppa Pig already likely plays a major role in your life. But just in case you weren’t already getting enough of that precocious British piglet, you can now make her the center of your next family vacation because Hasbro announced that a Peppa Pig theme park will be opening at the Legoland Florida resort in 2022.

“Step into the playful world of Peppa Pig for the ultimate day of adventure!” Hasbro announced on the Peppa Pig theme park website, where you can sign up to get announcements as more information becomes available.

Considering the announcement was only made yesterday, there’s not a ton we actually know about the planned theme park at this point. But the stand-alone park is expected to be located near the main Legoland Park, which means it will be ticketed separately.

According to the brief blurb from Hasbro, the Peppa Pig Park will feature your typical theme park attractions, including rides, interactive attractions, live shows, something called “‘muddy puddles’ water play,” and the chance for your kids to meet Peppa and her friends and family. There will also obviously be a ton of merchandise for you to add to your already impressive collection of Peppa Pig gear.

Basing an entire theme park around a four-year-old anthropomorphic pig may seem a bit strange but, of course, Peppa Pig is not your typical kid’s show. The British cartoon is beyond popular – in fact, it’s so transcendent that a strong argument could be made that Peppa Pig is the most iconic kid’s television character of this century. And despite being on the air for over 15 years, Peppa Pig remains as popular as ever, with CNBC citing it as the top-streamed kid’s show last year.

So don’t bother trying to resist the power of Peppa Pig and get ready to head to Florida to have some swine-filled family fun.