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Peacock September 2020 Kids’ Lineup Includes ‘Trolls World Tour’

Peacock is adding more family-friendly entertainment to its platform

Universal Pictures

Peacock is the newest streaming service from NBC you’ve either already subscribed to or you’ve heard about and aren’t too sure what it is. Well, we’re here to say that Peacock is unique pretty much only in that it has a fairly robust free tier, meaning you can watch hundreds of movies or binge watch shows, from late night to TV to NBC classics like Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, all for free (sort of like what Hulu was before it got rid of its free version). And even though there are so many streaming services that vie for your eyeballs at all hours of the day, Peacock does have some pretty great movies and TV on its platform. Peacock is free, unless you’re intrigued by the $4.99/month premium tier, which gives you access to shows that aren’t on the free tier, or, if you want to make sure that you never have to see another ad on Peacock again, there’s an ad-free version for $9.99/month. Luckily for parents, however, Peacock has a great selection of family-friendly movies and TV. Here’s what’s new to the family section of Peacock this month.  


Madagascar: A Little Wild, available now

The Curious George series, available now


DreamWorks Trolls World Tour, available now (premium) 

Curious George: Go West, Go Wild, available now 

Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, Sept. 20 

DreamWorks The Prince of Egypt, Sept. 20 

DreamWorks Chicken Run, Sept. 20 

If parents are looking for something to watch after their kids have gone to sleep, Peacock has also added a slew of not-so-family-friendly films and TV shows, including A.P. Bio and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Halloween favorites Dawn of the Dead and The Purge

Check out the DreamWorks Trolls World Tour trailer below.