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PBS Kids Is The 24-Hour Channel That Streams Nothing But ‘Daniel Tiger,’ ‘Wild Kratts,’ And More

flickr / Tikeyah Whittle

It’s all thanks to, “viewers like you,” PBS just launched a separate channel devoted to nothing but 24/7 PBS Kids programming — because what you really need for a sick kid at 3 AM is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, not an infomercial for the Kitchen Ninja.

You may have had the PBS Kids app on your Roku, Apple TV, or whatnot, for a while now. But because public broadcasting’s mission is to, well, reach the public, this is a completely free channel that doesn’t require a tablet, phone, or cable subscription. It’s completely free over the air or at, where the content is live streaming indefinitely.

The only bummer is that PBS Kids is not available nationwide yet. The network has already 108 licensees on board, and they’re expecting 90 percent of U.S. households to carry the channel by the end of the year (check your availability here).


Also, late April, PBS plans to debut, “PBS Kids Family Night.” This will be a weekend family event that features original movies or a block of themed programming from Friday to Sunday evening. PBS-exclusive flicks include Odd Squad: The Movie, Splash And Bubbles: One Big Ocean, and Sesame Street: The Cookie Thief. And they’re planning on releasing new movies based on favorite characters in the coming months, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trap, Wild Kratts Alaska: Hero’s Journey, and Arthur And The Haunted Treehouse. Sounds like someone is getting themselves a nice tote bag this pledge drive.