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How Parents Can Get PBS Kids Streaming for Free Right Now

Getting all of PBS streaming for free is trickier than it should be. Until now?

PBS Kids

As a parent, PBS Kids is guaranteed to be an essential part of your media diet, as Daniel Tiger, Arthur, and the Sesame Street gang are life-savers for moms and dads, who can finally have a moment of peace while their kid watches their favorite show. And now, you can have PBS Kids’ streaming channel for free if you are the owner of a Samsung smart TV.

How to Get PBS Kids on Your Samsung Smart TV

PBS Kids is the home to hundreds of beloved kids’ shows but previously, the channel’s streaming service was not available on Samsung Smart TVs. But that all changed yesterday when the PBS Kids streaming app officially became available on Samsung Smart TVs on April 28. In fact, if you have a Samsung smart TV, you don’t even need to download PBS Kids, as you’ll find it’s already available to start streaming on Samsung TV Plus.

What Is Samsung TV Plus?

The streaming service for Samsung smart TVs gives users access to hundreds of streaming channels for free.

Is It Really Free?

Yes! Getting the channel through your Samsung TV Plus comes at no cost, as the service is completely free on Samsung smart TVs. This means that your kid can immediately start watching all of their favorite shows without you needing to figure out if yet another pricey streaming service can fit into your budget.

The Streaming Service Is Kid-Friendly

Since PBS Kids is a channel made directly for kids (it’s in the name!), it makes sense that the streaming service would be just as kid-friendly. The app was designed by PBS to provide a simple experience for kids, including vibrant colors and backgrounds and an easy-to-use interface that kids will have no issue navigating. And since it’s PBS Kids, you won’t have to worry about your kid stumbling onto something you don’t want them watching.

Samsung Smart TV Has Other Kid-Friendly Channels

Along with PBS Kids, kids can enjoy six other free 24/7 kids channels including The Lego Channel, Moonbug Kids, and KiDoodle.TV. So if you have Samsung TV Plus, what are you waiting for? Start streaming now.