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‘Paw Patrol Live! At Home’ Is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not

Do you need a ticket? Let us explain.


Brace yourselves– Nickelodeon just announced that Paw Patrol Live! is coming to your living room. Paw Patrol Live! At Home– Race to the Rescue is a 45-minute live-streaming interactive event happening Saturday, April 24th, and Sunday, April 25th. If that sounds like the perfect storm of parental horror and kid-in-a-candy-store level excitement, you’re not alone. Nickelodeon knows that every parent kind of hates Paw Patrol, but they’ve got us cornered because our kids can’t get enough of it. And apparently, they’re ready to test our sanity further by adding in interactive elements and taking more of our money. Here’s what the Live! At Home, show actually entails.

What is Paw Patrol Live!  All About?

Paw Patrol Live! At Home– Race to the Rescue is a re-imagination of their Paw Patrol Live! Stage show. The general storyline is the same: it’s the day of the Great Race between two mayors, Adventure Bay’s Mayor Goodway and Foggy Bottom’s Mayor Humdinger, but no one’s seen Mayor Goodway anywhere. The Paw Patrol pups have to race the clock to rescue Mayor Goodway and bring him back in time to finish the race. But there will be a few differences between the stage show and the at-home show.

Amy Hyland, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Strategy, Business Development and Operations, says the show will “challenge your imagination and senses” while offering “a myriad of additional interactive moments and actions families can enjoy at home,” all while teaching the importance of teamwork. That’s promising a lot, but what exactly does it mean?

What Your Ticket Gets You

Once you buy your ticket– either a single viewing for $15 or a “group” ticket for a whopping $50 that you can share with three other family members– you get the following:

  • Access to the pre-show “Race Ready Room.” This virtual room includes a few setup tutorial videos, some bonus footage  (like a “Pup Pup Boogie” dance tutorial), and a few new games and printable activities. Plus, there’s an e-shop where you can give Nickelodeon even more of your money.
  • If you buy the group ticket, you get access to a group chat room where you can discuss the show with other friends or family members in real-time. (Think Zoom, but make it Paw Patrol.)
  • Your very own “Pup Pad”– a lightly customizable version of Ryder’s communication tablet. You can change color displays to match your favorite pup and select a character to speak directly to you during the show.
  • A “Cheer Squad Chicken.” This is the best (or maybe worst) perk of all– a customizable AR avatar chicken that responds to your and your group’s participation on-screen throughout the show.

Is it better to fight the Paw Patrol pandemonium and not tell your kid about this event, or give in and make their day? We’re not sure, but one thing’s for certain: the Pups aren’t going anywhere- Paw Patrol the Movie is coming for us this August.

You can buy Paw Patrol Live! At Home– Race to the Rescue tickets here. There are three showtimes available on both Saturday, April 24th, and Sunday, April 25th: 10 AM 12 PM, and 5 PM ET. Families who purchased a single or group access ticket will be able to log on and re-watch the show through May 2. The show is available in both English and Spanish.