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Patch the One-Eyed Horse Is the Hero We All Need Right Now


This weekend, 24 horses will race at the Kentucky Derby, hoping to secure eternal equine glory alongside Seabiscuit, Shadowfax, and, of course, BoJack Horseman. And, whether you think The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports is a Bourbon-soaked blast or a big-hatted bore, everyone should have a horse in the race this year: Patch. Why Patch? Because the three-year-old horse has already overcome tremendous odds — specifically the loss of his left eye. And who better to root for than that?

Funny enough, Patch was given his now iconic name long before he ever lost his eye. He lost it less than a year ago after his trainer noticed massive inflammation around the globe of his eye, which prompted swift removal. And while it may seem Patch would be at a disadvantage, his trainer says it has zero effect on his performance. Several one-eyed horses have raced the Derby — including Pollard’s Vision in 2004 — but Patch is believed to be the first who won’t be affected by this setback.

The real challenge Patch is facing Saturday? His inexperience. Coming into this weekend, Patch has only started three races, much less than most of the other competitors. But this swashbuckling horse is no stranger to overcoming the odds. Besides, the only eye Patch needs to achieve victory is the eye of the tiger.