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Parents Took to Twitter to Reveal the Creepiest Things Their Kids Ever Said

"The woods demand a sacrifice."

Kids are adorable but they can also be pretty creepy. The very same wide-eyed wonder that makes them so cute and innocent can be distorted, inexplicably turning an adorable child into nightmare fuel. That’s why, when writer Mikki Kendall asked people on Twitter to share the creepiest things a child has ever said to them, people had a lot to say. And while there were plenty of hilarious answers from everyone, parents ended up dominating, the conversation sharing stories of everything from odd questions about death to creepy statements about stuffed animals.

One dad shared about the time his son briefly transformed into a tiny Hannibal Lecter.

A young girl gave her mom an odd explanation as to why she was turning all of her stuffed animals around before bed.

A seven-year-old boy seemed to briefly consider sacrificing his dad to the woods, whatever that means…

Cemeteries are already creepy but they are way scarier when your daughter thinks a nonexistent man is waving at her.

This four-year-old informed his dad that he had been killed in battle in another life.

One child used an ethical dilemma to vaguely threaten his dad.

A mom discovered that her daughter thinks she’s currently on her third mom.

And one mom recalled the time her daughter adorably told her she was going to die the next day.

Ah, children. They’re adorable little creeps