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This 3D-Printed Paper Airplane Gun Is Perfect For Pelting Your Kid

If you still can’t tell the difference between a cheeseball gun and weaponized Nerf blaster, here’s a hint: only one will result in you kindly asking the DCFS to get off your lawn. Sure, DIY gun videos are fun, but the “Don’t (or do) try this at home” part often comes down to the ammo (except for when it doesn’t), which might be why Dieter Michael Krone created this instant classic family-friendly firearm: the 3D-Printed Paper Airplane Machine Gun. If you remember fellow German Joerg Sprave’s lethal slingshot and Nerf hacks, think of this YouTuber as his less evil twin. (Although unless they appear in the same video, it’s hard to be sure they’re not the same person.)

3d Printed Paper Plane Gun

Though Krone’s creation when viral back in 2014 before everyone and their brother was 3D printing, the harmless yet awesome weapon still holds up. Aside from a cordless screwdriver motor for power, the gun is almost entirely made of 3D printed parts, which you could attempt to recreate if staining the deck wasn’t enough of a challenge. The above video shows how it shoots and the contraption’s inner workings, but perhaps the most impressive part is when this STEM-wiz finally figures out how to engineer a smile. That death stare was a bit much.

3D Printed Paper Plane Gun

If you’re wondering what old Dieter’s been up to since the original video, he’s been perfecting his baby into version 2.0 — aka The Paper Airplane Gun PFM-A5. Here’s hoping he partners with John Collins for version 3.0, because that guy folds world record breaking paper planes. That’s a combination you and your kid can get behind, or in front of, depending on whose turn it is.

[H/T] Popular Science