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A World Record Paper Airplane Thrower’s 3-Step Plan To Help Your Kid Rule The Skies

Created in partnership with GMC, inspiring families to make the best of every moment. For more advice on fun stuff to do with your kids, from ridiculously overqualified experts, check out the rest of our 940 Weekends.

Your kid will grow up flying F-15s in fully immersive virtual reality video games, which is objectively cooler than the scrap of looseleaf you used to try and hit your substitute teachers with. But that misses the point of discovering new, mischievous pastimes by making them yourself. Which is why you should grab your finest construction paper and show your kid the simple joy of folding, aiming, and hucking that origami bomber as far as it’ll fly.


If a good, old-fashioned paper airplane chuck-off sounds boring to your kid, check out the creations of John Collins, a father and world record holder for paper airplane distance. He shows off a swan plane, space shuttle plane, cylinder plane, and — sorry, did that one just boomerang back to him? His keys to the ultimate paper plane are sharp folds, clean lines, symmetry, and forward momentum. Time for the world’s most fun lesson in aerodynamics, and proof that STEAM education doesn’t always require screens.