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Oscar Isaac’s Dad Prepared Him for the Delivery Room By Showing Him Pictures of His Sister’s Birth

It's a weird idea but the 'Star Wars' actor said it worked.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Last night, Oscar Isaac was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spoke with Kimmel about becoming a dad, including babyproofing his apartment and how his own dad’s profession as a doctor helped him prepare for fatherhood. The Star Wars actor told Kimmel that his wife Elvira Lind gave birth to their son, the couple’s first child, about nine months ago and that they are both firmly in the no-sleep phase of parenting. Kimmel could relate, his son Billy is around the same age.

Isaac also shared that his son has recently begun crawling around their New York City apartment, a milestone that quickly led him to realize the joint was a death trap for toddlers. Like many first-time parents, Isaac and Elvira suddenly saw everything they owned in a new, dangerous light. Although he wasn’t entirely on board with getting rid of some things. His favorite speakers, for example, often fell off the table and were an obvious risk. Elvira said they had to go, but Isaac tried to argue for their importance. In the end, of course, he lost the argument ⏤ it’s tough to counter when someone says “this could seriously hurt our child.” In the end, he gave them away.

Kimmel also asked Isaac about how he handled the delivery room. And while Isaac patted himself on the back, noting that he did a good job, he gave some credit to his own dad for preparing him. His dad was a doctor and took a bunch of pictures during the C-section birth of Isaac’s sister. Normal, right? How about hanging those birth pictures up in your office, which is also what his dad did. Yeah, not so normal. Either way, it turns out seeing those pics actually helped Isaac as he had a better idea of what the delivery room would be like.