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NPR Created A Searchable Catalog With 8 Years’ Worth Of The Best Kids’ Books

If you’re bored with the latest remix of the same old kids’ book characters, confused about which indie publisher to trust, fed up with celebrities trying to infiltrate bedtime, or simply desperate to find something — anything — your kid hasn’t already made you read a thousand times, rejoice! NPR’s Book Concierge is a searchable repository of the year’s best books, sortable by both dad- and kid-friendly categories.


Now in its eighth year, the Book Concierge allows you to explore more than 260 of the year’s top titles, as reviewed by the NPR staff and national book critics. Categories range from “Staff Picks” and “Book Club Ideas” to “Family Matters,” “Love Stories,” “The Dark Side,” and of course ” Kids’ Books.” Clicking a title provides a review, notes on appropriate ages, and links to purchase. It eliminates a ton of the guesswork, and unless you and your kid are the world’s most prolific readers, has enough content to keep your bedtime stories fresh for a long time.

Having already given you ample fodder for the family stereo, NPR is now essentially offering you a Netflix for books. The big difference is, hovering over a title won’t immediately launch an 8-hour binge watch that ends at 4 AM with your toddler utterly enraged at the hypocrisy of the Wisconsin state’s attorney’s office.