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‘Notes From Kindergarten’ Hilariously Charts The IRL Struggle Of A Kid’s First Year Of School

For many kids, kindergarten marks the first time they share toys, interact with others, and learn how to not be little centers of attention. This progress takes time. One day you’re king of the monkey bars, the next you’re eating glue.

notes from kindergarten

In Notes From Kindergarten: A Boy Starts School, Suky Werman, co-owner of the Stoneover Farm in Western Massachusetts, chronicles her son Daniel’s progress through the daily notes he receives from his teacher.

notes from kindergarten

Stapled to Daniel’s homework, the notes are stamped with a happy face, straight face, or sad face to determine how his day went. Daniel’s teacher also writes small messages on the cards, offering hints toward his troubles or achievements. Some of them are simple, saying that Daniel had a good morning or that he needed a reminder about his language; others detail how he called his friends names and acted aggressively towards classmates. Read in succession, all of them paint a portrait of a kid’s real-time (and very real) progression towards maturity.

notes from kindergarten book cover

Notes From Kindergarten by Suky Werman