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Noodle Loaf’s “Echo Songs” Is Our Favorite New Kids’ Album

Check it out. We love it.

Noodle Loaf

As parents, we are thankful when we find entertainment for our kids that enriches their lives. And there are huge bonus points for ones that don’t drive us up the wall too. There are some really great songs and groups that know what they’re doing when it comes to kid music. And Noodle Loaf’s latest album, “Echo Songs, Vol.1,” hits the right marks.

Noodle Loaf is a musical-themed podcast that infuses education and music to encourage kids to use their voices. The host, Dan Saks, is a children’s book author, musician, and early childhood music educator. He also releases albums full of the favorite tunes from the podcast. In his latest album, Dan highlights the fun and exciting echo songs for kids.

Echo songs are popular in kids’ music not only because they’re catchy, but there’s a real educational value, too. “Echo songs allow children to sing along with a song the first time they hear it, which creates exciting new teaching possibilities for a bi-weekly podcast like Noodle Loaf,” Dan explains. “Additionally, kids grow more confident using and hearing their own voices sing out when they aren’t singing in tandem with the song vocalist.”

The new album features 20 songs, all in the echo format and is recommended for kids between the ages of 3-9 years old—but older kids and adults love it, too. The album is available in two versions: one with the echo of kids and one without. All the songs are written, recorded, and performed by Dan. The echoes are sung by Dan’s two daughters, Shiloh and Joni.

The album is available now on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.