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6 Old Nintendo Games That Make Your NES Look Like Your Kid’s PS4

You know Nintendo as a great many things — the game that helped strengthen your lung capacity, protected your virginity, and perhaps more recently, confused you into thinking you were buying stock in Pokémon GO. What you may not know is that the company was founded in 1889 in Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi, nearly a century before the NES launched in 1985. That means the Nintendo gang had almost one hundred years to come out with all kinds of weird crap, including “love hotels” in the 1960s, which are exactly what they sound like.

If you’re curious about what some of these other products are, Redditor ZadocPaet has built up an impressive collection of vintage goodies from the gaming company (without all that pesky prostitution). From Rubik’s looking cubes, to Love Testers, to what suspiciously seems like a Roomba, Nintendo did it all baby! And explaining that to your kid will put them to sleep faster than any of their bedtime stories, with a hell of a lot more nostalgia for you.

Playing Cards (1889)
Nintendo was originally founded as Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd., until it changed it’s name in 1963. Although these are not from 1889 exactly, ZadocPaet estimates they’re from as early as 1965.

Roulette (1960s)
It’s exactly what it sounds like, only you don’t need to set foot in a casino. They wouldn’t have the floor space for the board anyways.

Chaotic Cube (1970s)
The Chaotic Cube seems like a Rubik’s cube that operates on the assumption that you were going to peel off the squares and arrange the colors accordingly anyways. It’s kind of a puzzle too.

Duck Hunt Kosenju (1970s)
If the very real looking rifle didn’t make the original version worth it, these high-tech visuals sure do. It’s basically what ducks looked like on acid back then.

Nintendo CTG-BK 6 (1970s)
If it feels like Nintendo is getting warmer it’s because they are. Although this was only released in Japan, it was a groundbreaking color gaming system. Behold, all 3 primary colors …

Nintendo Game & Watch (1980s)
Created in 1980, the Game & Watch was one of the first places you could play Donkey Kong without setting foot in an arcade. If the arcade was technically Donkey Kong’s dad, this little guy was his weird uncle.

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