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NFL Lineman Orlando Franklin Retires to Focus on Being a Dad

"FaceTiming my son is just not enough."

Getty Images

Over the weekend, offensive lineman Orlando Franklin announced that he was retiring from the NFL in order to focus on raising his son. Franklin, who was released by the Washington Redskins last week, published his plan to quit football in an open letter on Instagram. In the note, he explained that he missed being able to see my family every day after work. “Over the past few days, I’ve realized that FaceTiming my son is just not enough,” read the message. In the end, Franklin wanted to be an active parent more than he wanted to be than an active Tackle in the NFL.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and god bless.

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Franklin spent only seven seasons in the NFL, playing in 90 games for the Denver Broncos and San Diego (Now Los Angeles) Chargers. The former University of Miami standout was drafted in the second round (46th overall) by the Broncos in 2011. In his announcement, Franklin called his time in the league “an amazing ride” and thanked all of his fans for their support over his career. However, he said that the demands of an NFL career were keeping him from being there for his son in the way that he always dreamed he would be.

“I’ve always looked forward to being a father and right now I’m not at my best because I cannot be a good father here in DC while my wife and son have to be in Denver,” Franklin wrote.