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So, Is Luke Skywalker Rey’s Father or What?

The teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi released today. And, in addition to whetting our appetites for the December release, it also ramps up speculation about whether or not Luke Skywalker is, in fact, Rey’s dad. No, the teaser, incredible as it is, doesn’t offer any new evidence that the two are biologically connected. But that has to be the case, doesn’t it? They teased it so damn much in Force Awakens. Or maybe they’re just screwing with us.

Anticipating proof is too high of an expectation. Lucasfilm has always protected the plots of their films, no matter how hard Josh Gad presses on Daisy Ridley. Still, Star Wars trailers are not new to revealing little. The original Empire Strikes Back trailer hinted nothing of the bombshell that was Darth Vader fathering Luke Skywalker.

Despite Episode VII director JJ Abrams saying Rey’s parents have yet been on-screen, the father/daughter connection is heavily regarded as fact. You’ll have a better chance discerning why Poe’s X-wing is destroyed, or if Finn is able to walk instead of finding a link between Luke and Rey. Here’s to eight more months of speculation.