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Super Bowl Champs Hold Ultimate Diaper Changing Contest

In honor of Father’s Day, Super Bowl champions and new fathers Chris Hogan, Devin McCourty, and Julian Edelman spoke about their experiences raising and caring for infants. And because when you’re a professional athlete, everything is a competition, each player’s sentiments about their unpreparedness and unbounded joy were intercut with cocky proclamations about their diaper changing proficiency. Swaddle hard or go home.

The video, posted on the Patriots team page on Facebook, sees each player discuss the joy of being a new dad. They’re overjoyed. They’re appreciative of their parents. They’re more or less humble. At least, until it comes down to their diaper changing ability. Asked to rate their kid-changing skills, Hogan, McCourty, and Edelman all scored themselves a 9/10 or above. Cocky, guys. Real cocky. But we dig the confidence.

Wide receiver Chris Hogan gave himself a 10, rationalizing that his twins keep him twice as busy and make him practice twice as hard. Wide receiver Julian Edelman offered advice for any dads seeking a winning strategy: “You lift legs, throw clean diaper in, then you undo diaper.” While McCourty expressed the most uncertainty about being a dad (“Once you take her home from the hospital, you still get home like, ‘Why would anybody trust me with a baby?'”), he still declared himself to be a superior diaper changer.

The dads clearly take just as much pride in their parenting as their playing, often referring to parenting tasks using football terminology. Edelman even connected his “high and tight” baby-holding strategy to practicing with Coach Belichick. Confident as they are, however, the Pats have their limits. As McCourty puts it: “My diaper skills are definitely top notch…But don’t bring your baby to me. I don’t want to change any more diapers.”