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Two New Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Specials Coming To Netflix This March

Dave Chappelle is mounting a well-thought-out, slow burn of a comeback. While he’s done a handful of comedy tours over the past few years, he’s been off TV for more than a decade ⏤ at least he had been before hosting SNL last fall. That’s about to change, though. In November, Netflix inked the comedian to 3 stand-up specials on the streaming service, and the first 2 will debut on March 21.

The two sets are from Chappelle’s “personal vault.” One was filmed in Austin in 2015, while the other was recorded a year ago in Los Angeles. These mark Chappelle’s first televised stand-up specials since 2004’s For What It’s Worth. (Can you believe you’ve been watching Chappelle’s Show reruns for 13 years?)

The third, in case you’re already clamoring for more, has yet to be announced. But it will air this year. Along with a bunch of other comedy specials on Netflix (who do they think they are anyway, HBO?) from Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, and Chris Rock. Before 2017 is over, you’ll master how to muffle your laughing while the kids are asleep.