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New ‘Aladdin’ Trailer Desperately Tries to Fix the Genie Problem

But is it good?

The latest trailer for the live-action version of Aladdin is here, and the biggest news will again be connected to Will Smith. Turns out that all-blue version of the Genie might not be as bad as we thought. Or will it?

On Tuesday, Disney dropped a longer, much more revealing trailer for Aladdin, the live-action movie that uses real actors to seemingly just recreate beats from the 1995 animated movie. We guess these live-action Disney movies are for kids, but who can really tell at this point? Are these movies just being created for adults who crave new material from their ironic and oh-so-clever memes? If so, the new Aladdin trailer will provide plenty of material on the GIF front. YOU AIN’T NEVER HAD A GIF LIKE ME! POW!

But, this is hardly the big news. The big news is that Will Smith will not be blue for the entire movie. Instead, it looks like he’ll really only be blue for part of the movie, and instead, basically just look exactly like how he looks in real life. The Genie is magic and can change Aladdin’s appearance, so this superpower makes a modicum amount of sense. Will this aesthetic choice be enough to silence the internet army ready to destroy Will Smith’s Genie? It’s kind of too early too tell, but if you still love the songs from this film, particularly “A Whole New World,” this trailer will probably make you happy.

If you are somewhat unmoved by flying carpets, this movie is probably not for you. But then again, your kids might love it. Maybe?

Aladdin is out everywhere on May 24.