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Netflix’s New ‘She-Ra and the Princess of Power’ Leaves the ‘80s Behind

If you want '80s nostalgia for He-Man's sister's new show, look elsewhere.


The new She-Ra is clearly not for kids of the ’80s, but instead, for people who are currently children. In other words, if you end up watching the new series with your kids, so far, it doesn’t look like it will remind you of your own childhood. But maybe that’s a good thing?

Over the weekend, Netflix and Dreamworks studios started releasing new images from the upcoming reboot version of She-Ra and the Princess of Power, coming to Netflix this fall. For those who might not remember, She-Ra was a sword-wielding sibling of He-Man, and thus, part of the Masters of the Universe cartoon series which dominated so many childhoods in the ’80s. While the new She-Ra looks sufficiently brave and magical, the overall design seems to send a very clear message: this is not the ’80s anymore, and this She-Ra is for kids watching cartoons right now. In addition to She-Ra in her battle-ready look, Netflix also released an image of  She-Ra’s alter ego, Adora, a young girl raised by the Evil Horde.

While the aesthetics of the new She-Ra don’t feel exactly the same as the She-Ra of old, the story seems fairly similar. In the original ’80s cartoon, She-Ra did, in fact, have to escape from the Evil Horde to discover her true identity and become a hero. (And who doesn’t love a good fantasy narrative that involves an orphan escaping horrific parentage from literal monsters? Still, it seems like calling your organization “The Evil Horde,” might tip your hand a little bit…)

The point is, regardless of how different She-Ra might look through the rose-colored glasses of magical nostalgia, this character doesn’t belong to those of us who remember her in the ’80s. She belongs to the next generation, and she’s coming, sword and all, to Netflix on November 16, 2018.

But for those who want a trip down memory lane, here’s the original introduction to She-Ra from the ’80s.