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Netflix’s ‘Tropical Melody’ Will Teach Children to Love Adult Music

Here's everything we know so far.

Since its debut last summer, Beat Bugs has been a hit with parents, critics, and, most importantly, kids. The Netflix show cleverly weaves songs from the Beatles (performed by superstar artists like Sia, Eddie Vedder, and P!nk) into the adventures of five music-loving bugs who learn lessons while exploring a suburban backyard, simultaneously introducing kids to the Fab Four for the first time while appealing to parents who grew up loving the Liverpool lads. Grace/Beyond, the production company responsible for Beat Bugs, is hoping it can replicate this success with Tropical Melody, a new show that will introduce different musical legends to kids.

Not much is known about the upcoming show, but some details have emerged that should get kids and parents excited to watch Tropical Melody. As the name suggests, the show will take place on a tropical island. Along with the animated stories, the show will also feature live-action segments that will be hosted by “pop culture icons,” whatever that means. The live action portions of the show will in include a craft or activity that kids will be able to do while they watch from home.

beat bugs

Grace/Beyond is partnering with Universal Music Group to create Tropical Melody and each episode will be inspired by a different UMG artist, which includes Metallica, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. Could this be the platform where West and Swift finally put the past behind them and work out their differences? Probably not, but at the very least we might get to see a bunch of animated characters perform “Gold Digger.”

It is not yet clear when Tropical Melody will debut or where the show will even air, but it already sounds like another kid’s show that won’t leave parents feeling bored, confused, and annoyed. And in a genre that includes Animal Mechanicals and Caillou, that’s a pretty huge win.