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The Secret Netflix Feature That Lets You Request Shows And Movies


Netflix wants to know what you want to watch. Hidden deep within their Help Center page, the streaming service has a TV shows and movies request forum where you can suggest as many as 3 titles you want to see on the big red streamer.

Before you start typing Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Game of Thrones in all caps, note that Netflix has tracked all requests from all members. So stick to lesser known favorites if you want your vote to count. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the only person who really wants to see Wolf from the 2008 American Gladiators reboot back on your TV.

While it may seem like it, Netflix isn’t trying to make your life miserable when they remove or don’t add the shows and movies you love. It’s a licensing issue. In other words, CBS owns every “joke” from The Big Bang Theory, but its streaming rights may not be available to Netflix or anyone.



Considering how Netflix’s library has rapidly downsized at a yearly rate, you can always use Can I Stream It as a resource (and Google Chrome users have this cool search tool). But if Netflix’s whopping 5,200 titles is not enough content for you, then start requesting. Or just switch to Amazon, which reportedly had 4 times the movie selection of Netflix as of early 2016. But so far, neither are streaming major franchises like Star Wars, so patience you must have.