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Netflix Is Changing How You Rate Their Movies And TV Shows


Netflix thinks rating content by stars is so yesterday. For years, the streaming service has utilized the 5-star system so users could rate their approval or disapproval on content. But come April, you’ll only have the internet classic system of thumbs up / thumbs down.


Last year, Netflix beta-tested the new rating system with thousands of users. Much to their shocked face emoji, ratings for content increased 200 percent in the test. At a press briefing, Netflix VP of Product, Todd Yellin, told The Verge that 5 stars is a 1-star method. “We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge.”

When you think about it, though, the new system will eliminate your well-thought-out reviews. Two stars for Iron Fist? Five stars for Stranger Things? Can a thumbs up / thumbs down really capture your feelings for something as intricate as Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous 6?


In addition to the rating news, Netflix plans to adopt a new algorithm percentage system. That means underneath every title, Netflix will display a personalized percentage based on how likely you’ll enjoy it. So now Netflix will know you’re 100% interested in watching the next chapter of the Alpha And Omega series with your kid.

[H/T The Verge]