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Netflix’s Fake Countdowns Trick Your Kid Into Going To Sleep Early Before The Ball Drops

flickr / Alex Pearson

New Year’s Eve was once a night for drinking way too much, tongue-kissing a total stranger, and figuring out what the hell auld lang syne meant. Now that you’re a dad, your plans likely involve getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour so you can sip a glass of champagne and watch Ryan Seacrest. That’s the dream at least. Chances are your tiny Energizer Bunnies understand that it’s a holiday and refuse to call it a night. Fortunately, Netflix is here to help you fool your kids into going to bed long before the ball drops.

On December 28, the service will release 10 “countdowns” aimed at getting your kid out of the living room and into bed before midnight. These sly shows last about 5 minutes each, contain fake New Year’s celebrations, and are hosted by such kid-approved characters as King Julien, the cast of Fuller House, and Cameron Dallas. The object? To trick your kids into thinking it’s already 2017. Are you lying to your kid? Sure, but like Confucius (probably) said: All’s fair in love and bedtime.

So whenever you’re ready to get rid of the kids for the night, just ready a countdown and your best fake celebration dance (with feeling). Your kid will be none the wiser, and you and the missus can finally catch up on Westworld. Just remember to turn your clocks forward. After all, Netflix can’t do all the work.