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Nick’s ‘Nella the Princess Knight’ Is A Kick-Ass Heroine Your Kids Will Love

Modern day cartoon princesses are packing more of a punch. You’ve got your bow-shooting, family-saving Meridas and your Polynesian powerhouses. Nick’s newest Toddler-centric series, Nella The Princess Night adds another bold heroine to the mix, a regular regal girl by day who transforms into an armor-wearing knight that can go sword-to-sword with any wannabe Lancelot. It’s like Wonder Woman for your toddler, except it has catchy songs and no midriff-revealing outfits.  But is the new show tedious (ahem, Super Why!) or will you want to watch the empowered antics with your kids?

For Kids

This series has something for every preschooler. It’s is filled with colorful characters, including Nella’s talking unicorn, Trinket, catchy songs (12-year old Akira Golz, who got her big break in Matilda the Musical, voices Nella) and there’s an admirable character in Sir Garrett for boys (he’s got a talking horse, naturally).  In addition, the show promotes confidence and inclusion, as Nella, who is seeming of mixed ethnicity, is the first to accept newbies in town like dragons and orcs. And any action is suitable for little kids.

For You

There’s action, there’s adventure, there’s a definite nod to a bowl-cut sporting, mighty sword-wielding, overly muscular hero you’ll likely recognize from your youth (luckily there’s no creepy Skelator-esque big baddie) Nelly is a pretty fun heroine and the writing is snappy enough to not make you want to scratch your eyes out on the umpteenth viewing. There are some solid lessons and a diverse array of characters that infuse the show with a bit more surprise. It ain’t Sesame Street. But it’s not a bad half-hour.

nella the princess knight

Common Sense’s Take

Common Sense Media is the leading nonprofit source helping parents make movie and TV choices for their children. They gave Nella a glowing review, giving it 5-stars. They said, “The fact that Nella can’t be typecast is her greatest strength, reminding kids that their potential knows no bounds. She’s graceful, gentle, and thoughtful in her princess persona, plus determined and brave as a knight. These qualities create a heroine kids can be proud to admire.”

Bottom Line

If you want to introduce your toddler girl to the badass female heroes of Wonder Woman and Black Widow, then this is a great intro to brave, sword wielding women. Outside of the superheroism, Nella checks most of the boxes a preschooler series should cover with a strong lead character practicing positive messages for kids while promoting the arts through music.

Nella the Princess Knights airs weekdays 10 AM (ET/PT) on Nick.

Episodes: 40
Ages: 3+