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These Chemistry Picture Books For Kids Would Have Been Helpful When You Were In High School

You generally have good answers for your kid’s incessant begging of, “Why?”, but if your fatherly answer book is missing the chapter on chemistry — or if everything you know about the subject you learned from Breaking Bad — fear not. A Kickstarter-backed set of picture book textbooks on the intimidating subject will enable you to be the Mr. White to your kid’s Pinkman. He was a crappy student, and look how well things turned out for him! Relatively. Point is, he learned chemistry, damn it, and so will your kid.

My First Science Textbook: Chemistry Story Books for Kids On Kickstarter

My First Science Textbooks are rhyming bedtime stories starring adorable characters who teach simple lessons to tiny brains. Sort of like every children’s book, except here the singsong verses of Pete Proton, Ned Neutron, and Ellie Electron teach kids about how those 3 particles compose everything in the world, including them. It’s positively adorable. Or negatively. Depends who’s narrating.

The 3 books in the series — Protons & Neutrons, Electrons, and The Atom — are all roughly 32 pages long, hard-bound, with colorful 2-page spreads full of chemistry goodness. The idea is to take the fear and intimidation out of learning science, and apparently lots of folks wish they had this as kids because the books received 10 times their funding goal (although you can still be an early backer).

My First Science Textbook: Chemistry Story Books for Kids On Kickstarter

Some of the cash will go towards adding workbook pages to the end of the books for you and your kid to test your knowledge. Junior’s closer to high school chemistry class than you, so the pupil may well become the master, but at least you’ll know the answers, too. If, however, they ask why you can’t buy a winnebago and do experiments in the desert, “Because I said so” is still perfectly acceptable.

My First Science Textbooks by Jon J. Coveyou, Mary Wissinger, and Harriet Kim Anh Rodis ($15 And Up On Kickstarter)