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The Muppets Are Moving to Queens and Asking for Help

You can finally give back to Jim Henson and his puppets for teaching you the alphabet.

Now is your chance to give back to the Muppets, the troupe of felt-American performers that spent the last four decades just trying to put on a show. The Museum of the Moving Image is creating a new, permanent Jim Henson Exhibition populated by both famous and obscure creature and, since the city of New York already shelled out for the exhibit, the Henson Group is asking for help with funds for refurbishment via Kickstarter.

Will they reach the $40,000 goal? Probably. People love the Muppets.

Bonnie Ericson, a Jim Henson Legacy Trustee and a former Henson colleague,is happily spearheading the restoration effort. And, yes, she can definitely be trusted with the project. She’s credited as the designer of Miss Piggy, Statler, and Waldorf. “There’s something so magical about seeing these characters close-up, Ericson says in the Kickstarter video. “[The] exhibition will safeguard Jim’s legacy for years to come.”

A donation of $5,000 will be compensated with roundtrip airfare and VIP tickets to opening night. Or you can donate $5 for some email updates and a name-drop on the exhibition website. It’s a win-win. The Kickstarter campaign ends May 11, but this is an all-or-nothing project. Act fast as some donation perks, like The Muppets Encyclopedia and original Henson memorabilia are all gone.

The exhibition will include more than 40 puppets (from Elmo to Kermit), original sketches, scripts, behind the scene images and an interactive display that will allow visitors to design their own muppet. There will also be a regular rotation of events at the exhibit, so you never know if a puppeteer may take the subway from Sesame Street and stop by for a performance.