What Happens To Your Home Videos When Your Dad Is A Dreamworks Animator


Action Movie Kid


Fathers who post YouTubes of their kids being cute, weird, and hysterical are going to be insanely jealous of this Dreamworks animator, who uses Adobe After Effects

to make it appear as if his (pretty cute) kid’s wreaking very real destruction on a Toys ‘R’ Us with his lightsabers, grappling guns, lava and Lego blasters.


Kid’s got a grappling gun:


[youtube //www.youtube.com/embed/el5TwST_Hso?rel=0 expand=1]


Things get even more weird:


[youtube //www.youtube.com/embed/nMzG0x9vwHk?rel=0 expand=1]


Fire in Aisle Seven:


[youtube //www.youtube.com/embed/M26RufAG1yw?rel=0 expand=1]


The dangers of shag carpeting:


[youtube //www.youtube.com/embed/HdrORwZzlBk?rel=0 expand=1]


LEGO’s NRA 4 Kidz Starter Kit:

 [youtube //www.youtube.com/embed/dB-0FOX_Lw0?rel=0 expand=1]

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