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MoviePass Rises From the Dead With a Ominous Countdown

Is the infamous subscription-based movie-going experience coming back?


Is MoviePass coming back? The infamous subscription-based, movie-going experience folded over a year ago but a mysterious new countdown clock has emerged on with little information beyond the phrase “the movie is about to start.” The countdown is set to end at 12 pm EST on Monday, March 22 which has led many to wonder if the app is returning in some form.

If MoviePass is coming back, it will almost certainly be very different than its original format, which allowed users to go to a movie a day for only $9.99 per month. That model helped attract millions of users but obviously proved unsustainable financially, as people were basically getting to see unlimited movies for less than the price of a single movie in most cities.

The app tried to stay afloat by limiting which movies its users could see and changing the pricing plan, but it all proved too little too late. By September 2019, its mobile ticketing service had been entirely shut down and in early 2020, Helios and Matheson Analytics, which owned MoviePass, officially filed for bankruptcy after running out of money. At this point, it isn’t even clear who is in charge of MoviePass if it is actually returning, as former CEO Mitch Lowe and chairman Ted Farnsworth both confirmed that they are no longer affiliated with the company in any way.

“I have no idea,” Lowe said in an email when Vanity Fair asked about the new website. “It has nothing to do with me.”

Could someone be trying to re-establish MoviePass as movie theaters slowly start to reopen around the country? Or is this just some elaborate prank meant to get people talking only to reveal that MoviePass is still very much dead? For now, it’s impossible to know but hopefully, we get some kind of answer on March 22.