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Americans of All Ages Want to Work For Disney

Morning Consult's Most Admired Employers Report reveals people of all demographics really love Disney.

We live in divisive times. People disagree on everything from the standard (religion, politics) to the super important (the legitimacy of Harry Styles’ solo career). It feels like we’re all incapable of finding common ground. But there is one shining exception: we all secretly wish Mickey Mouse was our boss. Morning Consult released its Most Admired Employers of 2017 report and the data reveals that people of all ages and gender admire and want to work for Disney.

When asked to name a company they would be most proud to work for, Millennials (38 percent), Gen X-ers (34 percent), and Baby Boomers (26 percent) all selected Disney as their demographic’s second most popular company. Disney did prove to be a more desirable company for women than men, but this was a relatively minor difference, as men still selected Disney as sixth for desirable companies. This is an impressive feat for Disney, as almost no other companies showed the ability to resonate with such a diverse range of society.

Why is Disney able to cross generations and appeal to people of every adult generation? There are obviously a lot of potential reasons, but the most dominant one is likely that Disney is the company most associated with so many people’s happiness. After all, in addition to creating some of the defining cartoons and films of so many people’s youth, Disney is now responsible for Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and theme parks that literally adapt to peoples’ actionsgetting more popular. Having a monopoly on memories is a pretty strong business model.

And other companies simply can’t match that success with every age group. Google was the most popular choice for Millennials and Gen X-ers, but it failed to rank for Baby Boomers. The only other company that all three generations had in their top five was Amazon, because getting to buy quality stuff for cheap is the only thing Americans love as much as nostalgia.