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After 86 Years, Monopoly Is Making a Huge Rule Change

One of the game's classic features is getting an update.


Monopoly has gone through plenty of changes since it first debuted 86 years ago but one thing that has remained consistent is the Community Chest cards, which reward players for seemingly random accomplishments like cheap hospital bills, a “bank error in your favor,” or even winning a beauty pageant. But Hasbro announced that the Community Chest cards are finally getting an update, with new cards that are meant to reflect a bit of social consciousness before letting you pass GO and giving you a nice little chunk of change.

The new card options include shopping local all week, running in a race for charity, and helping build a school playground. The idea is to emphasize the community aspect of the Community Chest cards, with players receiving a few hundred dollars for doing tasks that help improve their community rather than getting $200 for your Christmas funds maturing. There are also the infamous “Get Out of Jail Free” cards, which you can collect for rescuing a puppy or your video chatting with your friends after a tough day.

Of course, there are also selfish actions that can get you sent straight to jail, including finding a wallet and deciding not to return it or blasting music late at night, to the chagrin of your neighbors.

“With community being more important than ever before, this year is the perfect time to give fans across the country the chance to show what community means to them through voting on the new set of Community Chest cards,” Anne Leonhardi, a marketing director at Hasbro, said in a statement.

Monopoly is asking for fans to help decide what exactly should be featured on the updated version of Community Chest cards. Fans can cast their votes for what they’d like to see on the new set through April 9 at, with the news cards expected to be released in the Fall.