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Fans Vote To Remove The Thimble From Monopoly

flickr / Rich Brooks

Like a fine glass of scotch or those precious hours when your kids are sleeping, choosing which Monopoly piece you will use to bankrupt your kids is a sacred ritual. Will you go with the classy top hat? The might battleship? There is no wrong answer — unless you were partial to the thimble, as Hasbro has announced they will officially be discarding the piece in favor of a replacement piece meant to bring a more modern sensibility to the classic board game. And while you were never entirely sure what the hell a thimble actually is, you will be sure to pour one out for an OG piece that will never again pass GO and collect $200.

The decision comes from a continued effort by Hasbro to bring their iconic game into the 21st Century, and they gave the power to the fans to determine which player would be given the boot. In January, Hasbro released an online vote where fans were allowed to decide which classic piece would be sent to a farm upstate. Fans were also able to vote on which 8 new pieces would replace the thimble, and potential choices include the hashtag, the kissing face emjoi, a T-Rex, and over 50 others. The demise of the thimble has been confirmed, but the new pieces joining the game will not be revealed to the public until World Monopoly Day, March 19, which is apparently a thing.

The thimble may not be the most memorable piece in the Monopoly crew, but it had been a part of the game for over 80 years when it was added to the game in 1935. Before you get too outraged (“What’s next? Replacing Lucky Charms marshmallows?!”), Senior VP for Hasbro Gaming Jonathan Berkowitz did leave a glimmer of hope for the thimble when he was asked about the piece being gone forever, coyly declaring, “We never say absolutely forever.” So keep the faith, thimble-lovers. After all, in the age of reboots, whose to say the thimble won’t get its own redemption some day?