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Mogees Teaches Your Kids About Music By Turning Any Object Into An Instrument

Mogees is a device that lets your kids turn any object into a musical instrument. As if they needed a high-tech toy to do that. But before you click away with a sigh and a: “Why would I pay good money for something my kids can do for free,” hold up — it also teaches them about music in a way that 20 minutes of banging on a saucepan can’t.

All they do is plug Mogees into a smartphone or tablet and stick the portable plastic sensor on a bowl of fruit. Or your kitchen table. Or a 2016 Mazda 3 if you’re Robert DeLong on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The device “senses the vibrations made when the object is touched, records information like impact strength, speed, timbre and length, and then uses an app to transform it all into sound.” It’s sweet, sweet sound that in no way will eventually drive you out of your mind. And considering you don’t need to buy any controllers, joysticks, or keyboards, let alone an expensive saxophone that will end up in a closet, it’s a better deal.

Mogees Play

The key to really rocking the Mogees is the 3 free apps: Pulse is a game that uses a bunch of different genres to teach the “basics of rhythm, timbre, and velocity;” Jam lets you get down to making that funky music using “the acoustic properties” of pretty much anything you can tap; and Keys takes it up a notch to create “melodies, arpeggios, and chords.” And assuming your kid would rather be the lead singer of your house band rather than lead fruit bowl guy, Mogees can also just be used as a high-quality microphone. But then again, that’s also something they can do for free by singing louder!
Mogees Play ($50)