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Millie Bobby Brown Clarifies ‘Stranger Things’ Controversy

Returning to the Upside Down sure is stressful.

Phew! Fans of the kids in Hawkins, Indiana can breathe easy. The ending of Stranger Things season 3 will probably not feature the death of the beloved character Eleven. Actress Millie Bobby Brown has clarified that her (and other cast members) were posting emotional things on Instagram because they had completed shooting the third season of Stranger Things. But, the series will probably continue past that point.

“This photo worried a lot of people,” Stephen Colbert said to Brown on the Late Show, showing the Instagram story Brown posted in which she appeared to be devastated by finishing production on Stranger Things season 3. “Is this tear that is like the show is over?” But Brown said no.

“No! I’m just an emotional person…last day of the season NOT the Show!” Brown said. She also told Colbert that she already annoyed with the idea that Netflix would call her and tell her she “can’t say anything!”

Overall, her reaction to the whole “controversy” is pretty hilarious, and a good reminder that these kids are still kids, metaphorically signing each other’s yearbooks when they finish filming a season of the show. Still, the massive popularity of the show won’t stop fans from speculating on what actually happens in season 3, and if and when a season 4 will happen.

Eleven does some damage control. (Netflix)

At this point — despite Brown’s comments that the series is not ending — Netflix has not officially confirmed when production on season 4 will start. This isn’t inherently all that odd (they just finished season 3) but, with other popular TV shows on Netflix, stranger things have happened. From 2017 to 2018, alone, Netflix has canceled 26 original series, including hit shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This year will also be the final season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. The point is, even if a show is popular on Netflix — like Stranger Things — it might not go on forever.

Brown also spoke to Colbert about working with Unicef — and being named the youngest Unicef ambassador ever — proving that though she may be young and emotional, her heart is always in the right place.

The third season of Netflix (which Millie Bobby Brown says is NOT the last season) will hit Netflix sometime in 2019.