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How Far Can You Drive Your Car On Empty?

There are a plenty of reasons why you don’t want to stop for gas when your kid is in the car – you’re making great time, they fell asleep, you threatened to turn this damn car around and that’ll really hurt your momentum. That doesn’t mean you’ll chance it, but it might mean that you’ve occasionally fantasized about pulling a Kramer and letting it ride. (In your defense, it’s one of the better Kramers you could pull.)

Your Mechanic (the Uber of car repairs) has a less adventurous but more reliable alternative: A table that tells you how far you can get with that looming light on, according to the make and model … not that you should keep driving on it anyways. Most people prefer to use the distance empty gauge that gives an approximation of how many miles are left before the car craps out, instead of the low fuel light. But they point out that these are only approximations, as opposed to their calculations of how much gas is left when the light goes on, as well as how many miles you have from that point, for the top 50 best-selling cars in the U.S. in 2015.

Though Nissans and Chryslers will get your the furthest, buying solely on this basis would be slightly misguided. As Your Mechanic also notes, driving on empty can cause all kinds of damage to your car (and that’s your kid’s job). While it’s good to know in case of an emergency, you’re better off always refilling at a quarter tank — aka turning into your father.

[H/T] Your Mechanic