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First Episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ Has a Surprisingly Sweet Twist

The show is not what you think it is.

Credit: Disney+/Lucasfilm

Disney+ is here and you’re probably wondering if you can watch The Mandalorian with your kids. Before now, the violent, gritty trailers may have led you to think the answer was a big nope. But here’s the thing; The Mandalorian is actually sweet and kind enough for older children. (Probably over 7-years-old.) If you’re okay with some big blazing blaster-fire and the titular Mandolorian taking out a bunch of space thugs, it turns out this Star Wars TV series about the scum and villainy of the galaxy might actually be about something else: Family.

Spoilers for The Mandalorian follow. I won’t talk about the big twist ending until the end of this review, and then I’ll warn you again. This is your first warning!

Though the titular Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) is depicted as a cold-hearted Boba Fett-esque murderer in the first few scenes of the series, we quickly learn that he’s not really bounty hunting for cold hard cash, he’s bringing back his earnings to his “tribe”; a group of displaced Mandalorians, who, also, for some reason never take off their helmets. Right away, we’re given a flashback to his childhood, and it’s very clear that his parents were killed in some kind of attack in the complicated past of Star Wars. (Most likely his parents were killed by droid armies during the Star Wars prequels.)

But, luckily, you don’t actually have to know anything about Star Wars canon or history to enjoy this series, because right away, The Mandalorian gives its titular anti-hero a sense of purpose beyond just making a few extra space bucks to keep his ship flying. In fact, because the Mando has an ad-hoc family that he’s basically working to support with his bounty hunting, the character already has more of an ethical center than say, someone like Han Solo. In the original Star Wars, Han Solo said “I’m on in it for the money.” At first, the Mando appears the same way, but the thing is, he’s not. He’s got a whole code of ethics, people who he clearly cares about, and a culture he’s hoping to restore. All of this leads to the big twist, which proves this series is all about preserving the family-adventure vibe of the original Star Wars. Yes, it’s a little violent, but this isn’t Game of Thrones level. More like Rogue One.

Anyway, the twist ending. Let’s talk about it. BIG SPOILERS HERE.

Credit: Disney+/Lucasfilm

Okay, so the big bounty that the Mando has been going after for the whole episode turns out to be a little baby version of Yoda’s species. The Mando thought is quarry was an adult because it was “50 years old,” but we know that Yoda’s species ages really, really slowly. And so, this little Yoda is an adorable baby Yoda! When the concept for The Mandalorian was first announced, I was very skeptical because it sounded so adult and violent. But now, I’m happy to report I was wrong; a baby Yoda is a game-changer!

To date, the alien species which Yoda belongs to has never been named, but surely that will change soon. Will the Mandalorian become an adoptive father of this little baby Yoda-youngling? We’ll see! The second episode, Chapter 2, will airs on Friday, November 15 on Dinsey+.

Bottom line: If your kids were okay with Rogue One or Solo, you’re fine to watch The Mandalorian with them, too. And, it may even be better.

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