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MacGyver Your Kids Their Own House Out Of A Cardboard Box


At some point this summer, it is going to rain. This might be a welcome development for you, who has a list of 13 things specifically set aside to do on a rainy day; but it will be a tragedy of Greek proportions for your kids, who had planned to spend the day running through the tall grass, chasing butterflies while bunny rabbits hopped in circles around them. So, here’s what you’re going to do: Build them a house. From an empty cardboard box. You will need …

• 2 similarly sized boxes

• Scissors

• Duct tape (preferably in a cool color)

These instructions

• 15 minutes, 20 tops

Once complete, your kids will repair to their new abode and celebrate their father who – as far as they know – is a builder of great things. You can now accomplish your to-do list. If your kids love their new house, you can modify it accordingly, to ensure that it folds up for easy storage and reconstruction. Because, at some point this summer, it is going to rain. Again.

(Thanks to Ambrosia Girl for the instructions)