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‘Kingdom of You’ Is A Book Where Your Kid Is The Main Character

One of the mild inconveniences of raising a child who likes to read is that they often get stuck on a favorite book. And you get stuck reading it — over, and over, and over again. Well, prepare yourself now because Kingdom of You (from the same people who brought you Lost My Name) is about to be that book.

As with Lost My Name‘s entire collection of personalized stories (and games and milestone cards), Kingdom Of You makes your kid the lead in their own “lavishly personalized adventure.” All you do is answer a few key questions when ordering: what’s their name? What’s their biggest obsession/favorite thing in the world at the moment not named ‘Mommy’. It can be superheroes, dinosaurs, animals, or princesses. And what’s their favorite food: pasta, pizza, ice cream, or filet mignon in a red wine reduction with foie gras and garlic Parmesan roasted carrots (weird, right?). Also, chicken nuggets.

From there, your 3-to-10-year-old progeny becomes the king or queen of an illustrated kingdom inhabited by steak-eating superheroes or dinosaur princesses that love chocolate ice cream. The 36-page softcover book measures around 8-inches by 11.5-inches and includes a dedication page on which you can express how proud you are of them, especially for reading this book all by themselves.

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