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Boomerang Will Stream Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, And Classic Animation For $5 A Month

Now it can be rabbit and duck season whenever you want. Yesterday, Turner and Warner Bros. announced a new subscription video service, Boomerang. The ad-free platform will feature classic episodes of Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and MGM cartoons ⏤ because you’ve had enough Spongebob ⏤ and will run $5-a-month for more than 5,000 titles of talking animals that nearly kill each other with anvils and other hilariously dangerous items.

While Boomerang will remain the go-to channel for vintage animation on traditional cable TV, the streamer will be the exclusive home to new episodes of revived series Scooby-DooLooney Tunes, and Tom & Jerry. Plus, they’ll be all-new shows, including one based on The Wizard of Oz and a reboot on the late 60s classic Wild Races.

The service will launch sometime in the spring on Roku and Apple TV, as well as on Apple and Android devices. But if you’re salivating like Wile E. Coyotes’ for more information, Boomerang is offering a notification sign-up on their official website. Finally, your kids can see the cartoons you grew up watching on syndication, and hopefully, they’ll understand your dark sense of humor.