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Wisconsin Little League Sign Gets It

The Glendale Little League commissioner got tired of parents yelling at teenage umps.


We all know that dad who takes their kid’s little league game a little too seriously. He’s a cultural archetype and also an asshole. He — sometimes she, but mostly he — questions lineup choices, yells at the umpire, and roots against other peoples’ children. Glendale Little League officials in Wisconsin met a lot of these guys and, inspired by their awfulness, crafted what might be the finest baseball fence sign in America, which reminds fans that “coaches are volunteers” and “your child is NOT being scouted by the Brewers today.”

That was four years ago. But the internet just noticed thanks to an Instagram post that blew up on Reddit and ended up getting passed around between hundreds of volunteer coaches. Why did such a simple sign get so much traction? Presumably because it feels like it was written by someone exhausted and pissed off–someone who decided to make a sign in lieu of repeating him or herself for the thousandth time.

The fifth point, which explicitly aims the message at parents, feels so exasperated that it’s impossible not to feel for whoever wrote it. As the image bounces around the internet, one hopes that the author gets the deserved backpats — also, maybe a beer.

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