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Use These 3 Beach Hacks And Your Vacation Just Might Feel Like One

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Babyganics.

Ah, the beach vacation. Sun, surf, family, and — wait, is that your umbrella about to impale the lifeguard? Even when a day at the beach isn’t exactly a day at the beach, vacation is your time to shine. With the right preparation, your family will resemble a “Wish You Were Here” postcard truly worthy of your office mates’ envy.

That preparation begins with finding as many shortcuts as possible to minimize shenanigans and maximize fun, something fathers have done forever but only recently got the catchy name: “life hacks.” If you need inspiration, these 3 beach hacks will lighten your load, facilitate mess-free snacking, and safely store your valuables, freeing you to play with the kid or maybe even take that coveted sun-soaked, seaside nap. Now go vacation like you were born to.