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Watch a LEGO Star Destroyer Detonate at ‘Light Speed’

This is as eerily satisfying as it gets.

YouTuber David Windestal’s decision to shoot a 1.2 meter long, 3.5 kg LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer into a plank of wood might strike some as eccentric, but for those who build LEGOs and then impotently contemplate their destruction, the act of mayhem was really a public service: the best way to satisfy a mass LEGO curiosity. The resulting video is a classic of the “breaking shit” genre. Is it as satisfying as The Last Jedi? No, but what it lacks in plot it more than makes up for in action. 

Using just a little bit of wood, some skateboard wheels, and a few long pieces of metal, Windestal successfully retrofitted the 3152-piece LEGO set to sit neatly on a homemade sled then shot the $149 Star Destroyer model into a plank at roughly 67 miles per hour using a rocket affixed to its undercarriage. While most of Windestal’s setup — rocket aside — seems pretty simple, that’s actually not the case. He installed seven homemade sugar rockets into the LEGO model as well — to better simulate a space explosion.

LEGO sets like the one featured in Windestal’s video can go for up to $1,500 dollars online. LEGO has been partnered with the Star Wars brand since 1999 and there is not a single year during that near 20-year history in which LEGO did not release a new Star Wars set. Most of those sets have met happier endings than this one.