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LEGO Launches Social Media App For Kids

The plastic brick company behind your kid’s favorite toy line, video game franchise, and blocky-movies just went master-builder with their new app. LEGO Life is a kid-friendly, safe social media app aimed for the 13-and-under crowd (and let’s face it, adults too). No, the site’s not meant for tweens to post photos of #tweenlife. Instead, the free app is solely focused on kids sharing and enjoying LEGO creations with each other.

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LEGO worked closely with UNICEF and the FTC in order to ensure the app’s kid-safety credentials. They also boosted protection via anonymity. LEGO invents a user name with a random name generator. Selecting one of the random names is the only way to start using the app. The names are perfectly silly (Captain Fluffy Pants or Chairman Skullful Noodle). Parents will appropriate them immediately in order to annoy the crap out of their offspring.

After their naming, kids customize their avatar and start scrolling through images of user-made creations and toy displays. LEGO licenses like Star Wars, Minecraft or Dimensions boost the app’s wide-range of categories. Thankfully kids won’t have to secretly hide posts from annoying middle school friends. Instead, they follow the likes of LEGO Batman, Master Wu from Ninjago or pre-generated hashtags like #Crazyaboutcolors. Everything is, indeed, awesome.

lego life social media app for kids

For emoji fanatics, there’s a built-in LEGO keyboard. What better way to express the existential crisis you’re experiencing from that SHIELD helicarrier build than with a mummified LEGO head?

Yes, this does feel like a living, breathing commercial for kids in a polished free app. But LEGO plans to remedy that by making the app a hub for all things yellow brick related. That includes integrating the app with future video game releases. Now, if only they could send parents a pair of these LEGO-proof socks with each app download.