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Stephen Colbert Made A Movie By 8-Year-Olds On ‘The Late Show’

Monster Trucks proved that even a 4-year-old can sell an elevator pitch to a Hollywood exec (like his dad). But Stephen Colbert decided to go one better and gather a brain-trust of grade schoolers to blue sky a movie for The Late Show. Why not? The studios constantly screw up with unnecessary sequels, uninspired reboots, and terrible superhero movies. Colbert is skipping the middle man and going straight to enthusiastic kids.

The results: Idina Menzel, Andrew Garfield, and a robotic monster pig star in “Teenage War.” This is a spoiler-free zone, but you will never guess who cameos as the German spy villain. Also: There’s a German spy villain.

It’s not The Late Show‘s first attempt at using kids for a smart roundtable o discussion. Months ago Colbert talked even younger children about the election. And those kids were more honest than most of the people who showed up at the polls. Too bad Warner Bros. didn’t have any of these kids around when they plotted out Suicide Squad.