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5 Kids’ Choice Awards Nominees Your Kid Will Love And You Won’t Hate

It’s the only awards show where Batman v. Superman Dawn Justice can get an unironic nomination for “Favorite Movie” — it’s the Kids’ Choice Awards! Your kids may be hoping to see their favorites take home the orange blimp after casting their votes weeks ago. And you might be looking to avoid 90 percent of the show and just want to watch John Cena get slimed (which happened already).

If you want to see all of the nominees in every category, check out the entire list here on Nick’s official site. If you don’t, here are 5 shows that are tolerable for you and great for your kid.

Favorite TV Show (Kids) Nominee

Henry Danger

It’s not going to change the superhero genre, but Hollywood is still far from making a Nightwing movie or any sidekick superhero movie. And this series makes the sidekick to Captain Man, a young Kid Danger, as the lead character. It’s a fun, silly superhero show that has the right amount of Adam West Batman cheesiness. Plus, let’s face it, if Spider-Man ever became a live-action series, it wouldn’t be too far away from what this show executes.
Ages: 6+

Favorite Reality Show Nominee

Paradise Run

It’s like if Double Dare took place in Hawaii, but no one has to dig through the boogers of a giant nose. The show is very much a kid version of Survivor but without all the adult backstabbing and reality drama. But the kids do have on-camera testimonials where they discuss how their challenges are difficult. So no matter the circumstance, kids who get a free ride to Hawaii, and a kush spotlight on cable TV, still find something to complain about.
Ages: 5+

Favorite Cartoon Nominee

The Loud House

Big families are not uncommon (ask Jim Gaffigan), but House gives viewers a front row seat to how life in a home with 10 kids works. Of course, each kid has their own unique personality, but the catch here is you’re getting it all from the perspective of Lincoln, the only boy and the middle child of the family. Common Sense Media is a fan of the show, saying kids will “return for the excellent ensemble cast and the surprisingly heartwarming themes that dominate every story.”
Ages: 6+

Favorite TV Show (Family)


Superhero series centered on female characters took a hit when ABC canceled Marvel’s Agent Carter. It seemed the same was on the way for Supergirl, but the show found its footing moving from CBS to the CW. Plus, there’s more potential for DC superhero crossover with The Flash and Arrow on the same network. Supergirl is a great series for your older kid, especially if they’re interested in the superhero genre. CSM praised the series, saying it’s great for families with its “strong themes of self-reliance, embracing destiny, and following your own heart’s desire, all portrayed by a very likable, fresh-faced heroine.”
Ages: 11+

Favorite Movie Nominee

Pete’s Dragon

This remake of the weird 1977 live-action, animated hybrid ditches all of the previous insanity for feel-good family fun. Orphan Pete stumbles upon a dragon who raises him until their home forest is threatened by destruction. The movie was praised by critics but was a miss at the box office. It’s currently streaming on Netflix and it’s definitely better than watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.
Ages: 7+

The Kids’ Choice Awards airs on March 11 on Nick, 5 PM (PST)