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Watch This Kid Shoot Out His Baby Tooth with a Toy Gun

Need to pull a baby tooth? This dad and his fearless son have the solution.


There are certain magical moments from childhood that no one ever forgets. For this kid, it’s definitely going to be shooting out his baby tooth with a toy gun.

This inventive sharpshooter and his supportive dad had to deal with the loose tooth somehow, but they evidently didn’t want to settle for yanking it or waiting for it to fall out on its own. Even shooting it out with a bow and arrow wasn’t hardcore enough for them.

Instead, the dad tied floss to his kid’s tooth and a toy gun bullet so he could shoot it out using serious firepower. The kid doesn’t look the least bit afraid as his dad counts down for him to pull the trigger. If anything, he’s completely giddy. Frankly, we’re impressed by his bravery — and the force of the toy.

Luckily, everything went according to plan. The toy bullet yanked the tooth right out, and after getting over some initial shock, the boy still seemed to find the whole situation hilarious. Plus, dad was able to quickly recover the tooth from the carpet. They both deserve a slow clap.