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10 Bands That Prove South By Southwest Is A Hotbed Of Awesome Kids’ Music, Too

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Spotify.

Even after nearly 30 years, South By Southwest remains a great source for music snobs hunting new and emerging artists. But who are you kidding? Your ability to keep up with those Joneses ended 30 seconds after your wife went into labor. Which means you have no idea that SXSW has also become a hotbed of family programming that brings together the sort of “kindie rock” bands you recently discovered, which have made family car rides way more fun.

That those family-friendly events aren’t necessarily part of the official SXSW schedule is immaterial, because the official schedule is, at this point, indecipherable. If anything, South-by’s sprawl into an ever-expanding lineup of “no wristband required” parties and shows is further evidence that you are in fact still welcome in Austin.

If you’re attending with a kid this year, you can see acts like The Que Pastas, Big Don, Mister G, Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band, The Deedle Deedle Dees, Red Yarn, Sugar Free Allstars, The Not-Its!, Joe McDermott, and The Groundwork Music Orchestra at free, officially unofficial SXSW showcases like All The Children Boogie, Rock + Read, the Do512 Family Picnic, and the Family Music Meltdown. And if your vacation weekend home share happens to come with a nanny, you can always make it official and head to the Spotify House to see if new dad and friend of Fatherly, MICK, spins any of his family’s favorites.

If, however, SXSW is like spontaneous fishing trips, boozy brunches, and all the other pre-kid social events you now only dimly recall enjoying, crank this playlist on the next car ride. If nothing else, your kid will have more kindergarten street cred than all the other kids whose parents also aren’t going to SXSW, but whose fathers aren’t cool enough to find all the hot bands that are.