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Ken Stabler’s Daughter Asks Angry Raiders Fan Not To Burn Her Dad’s Jersey

On Monday, the Raiders got approval to relocate to Las Vegas, but the move won’t happen until 2019. This means that Oakland will still live with the Raiders for the next two seasons, knowing full well that their team is already engaged to Sin City. Awkward. Fans, unexpectedly, are pretty pissed about the divorce. One lifelong Raiders fan even took to Craiglist and threatened to burn all of his jerseys. Well, he did until the daughter of a Raiders’ great stepped in on behalf of her All-Pro Dad.

Lifelong Raiders fan Michael Paredero took to craigslist to sell his gear and announce that any that doesn’t get snatched up would meet a fiery fate. This seemed like your run-of-the-mill jilted fan acting out. That is, until Kendra Stabler-Moyes, daughter of the late Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler, saw her dad’s jersey and took action.

Kendra was obviously unhappy that her dad, who passed away in 2015, was collateral damage because the Raiders were being greedy assholes (the NFL has made a habit out of demanding cities pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium, and then leaving town if the taxpayers refuse).ken stabler

Kendra sent Paredero an email and politely asked him to put a pause on destroying his Stabler jersey. Paredero, likely realizing that his anger against Stabler was unfounded, agreed to not take out his anger towards the Raiders’ owners on the Stabler jersey. At least one nice gesture came out of this not-so-amicable split.