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Kate McKinnon Stars in Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ Revival

Kate McKinnon can do no wrong. Her goggle-wearing Holtzmann was hands-down the best buster of ghosts in the new Ghostbusters. She can raise her voice a few octaves and entertain your kids as Squeeks the mouse in Nature Cat. And she’s consistently amazing in her night job, too. Which is what makes her the perfect choice to voice Ms. Frizzle in Netflix’s upcoming The Magic School Bus Rides Again.


The series is a revival of the original animated series, which is, of course, based on the classic Scholastic book series. McKinnon will be filling in the shoes of great Lily Tomlin who voiced The Friz back in the early 90s. It will chronicle the adventures of the eccentric elementary school teacher who uses magic to give her class an up close and personal look at the world of science. Expect the bus to shrink down and explore the human body.

Netflix is a master of the long game. They originally mentioned the 26 episode reboot way back in 2014. (Netflix and tease?) But just like Fuller House, this reboot is getting an upgrade. According to Variety, the kids’ cartoon (which doesn’t have an airdate set) will skip traditional animation and go fully CG. Because if you’re going to make modern kids interested in a cartoon about the vehicle that takes them to school, you might as well make it beautiful.